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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Bad Hair Days Go Bu-Bye!

I am done with Bad hair days for a while! Hooray!!!!
Over the last couple of days I have been losing at least half of the hair that was left on my head (not to say that was a lot by now) so I broke down and decided to just have it shaved off. Alex gave me a little bit of courage by doing his first! He just wanted to be less maintenance than me first. LOL. This is always the "fight" at our house, who can be done fixing their hair fastest... He has always won... So I let him win one more day, this morning, and now it is my turn to win for a while. He will have to put in some upkeep to his, and mine will be all clear pretty soon.
It is nice though because the last couple of days and the amount of hair I had lost I looked sick. Now I just feel renewed and refreshed! I no longer have to worry about touching my head and ending up with a handful of hair coming. This is a wonderful day!
On another Very positive note! While I was busy getting my new doo Cheryl (MY HERO) has been busy potty training my cute little Emma!! She is wearing big girl Panties and is so excited! So we have both been big girls today! I cannot be more thrilled!!

Thank you Kami! Thank You Angie!!! Thank You Cheryl!!

The first cut is the worst. (Not really, but it was a fun pic.)

Loving the Comb-Over look
Rockin it with the Mohawk
No more Bad Hair Days!

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