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This blog is created to give you a central location to answer any questions you have about my current and upcoming treatments and reactions. It is also created to help me make Lemonade out of the Lemons I have been given, so I will keep this as positive as I can.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Pink Ribbons

October 1st began Breast Cancer awareness month. It also was the start of my stress. I had just had a Biopsy the day before for something that "concerned" the Dr's in the lump that I had found in my breast. It was that weekend that I HATED every commercial, and every football game that everyone was wearing Pink. I was Angry at the thought that I could possibly have Breast Cancer. I had to turn away from all of the Pink Hype that is abundant in October. Then on October 4th when it was confirmed that it was Cancer I was Mad to have joined the Pink "club" without a choice. I spent a lot more time avoiding any of the "Pink" ad's and I didn't want to watch Football with Alex because all the players were wearing Pink and the announcers had to consistently remind me of the Cancer. I know it isn't their fault that I was Diagnosed in October, but I was not happy about the diagnosis and at the time, the awareness was not making me happy.
Once my Pity Party was over I was actually Excited that it was October. (I am not normally this 'wishy-washy. At least I don't think I am...) Because it was October, people were Aware of Breast Cancer more in the month and it didn't seem so "weird" to talk about it. Additionally, Facebook and the rest of the Internet was Bombarded with links to information and other resources for me to look at. It gave me a way to share awareness with my friends and family and get them some of those same resources to help them understand my Cancer as well.
While I still have a bit of a Love/Hate relationship with October, as I am not sure I will ever be HAPPY about my diagnosis, I would rather have skipped this step, but at the same time I really think that the timing may have been Perfect. I can pick up Pink Ribbon items and I have the most incredible "Pink" Friends! So now that October is done and I am looking back, I might be sad that October has passed. I will keep sharing my own information throughout my own process, but I will be sad that I will actually have to Search for it a little more than I have gotten used to.


  1. OH Melanie, I can so identify with what you are saying. I also resented being in a club that I didn't choose to join. But with surgery, chemo, radiation and hormone therapy completed, it was suddenly pretty cool to be a "Survivor" and I started looking forward to the recognition of pink October and Relay for Life, etc.

    However, I did not look forward to Survivor month this year. In February 2010 I was diagnosed with Stage IV BC and once again I joined a club I didn't want to belong to.

    So embrace the pink and enjoy being in that club. It's there that you will find HOPE.

    P.S. I have found a great support group with some really great women who are in the same club as me. I found them online at inspire.com and they have groups for all different kinds and stages of cancer. It's pretty unanimous with the Stage IV BC club that not only does Cancer suck, but so does pink October!

  2. It is certainly understandable and totally allowable to tell us to Pink Off….but gosh…you sure got me thinking what would happen without pink….
    • How would we be tickled?
    • What will we be pretty in?
    • How would we be able to swear on a secret….”index” swear?
    • How would we order one of the old time classic rock band’s music…can you play Floyd for me? Or worse, can you play a song by that girl that no longer has a name?
    • How would we describe Flamingos?
    • We could never ever tell the timeless joke….that if all the cars in the nation were pink what would we have? A Pink Carnation!
    • And the worst shame of all…..without the pinky toe….how could the little piggy ever go wee-wee-wee all the way home?????

  3. LOL... I am Embracing Pink now! We can't get rid of that Last Little Piggy!!! :) Love it!