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This blog is created to give you a central location to answer any questions you have about my current and upcoming treatments and reactions. It is also created to help me make Lemonade out of the Lemons I have been given, so I will keep this as positive as I can.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Who'd a Thunk it?

So I noticed this week that each Chemo has brought me a new side effect. This one is not one that effects my daily life but notable none-the-less.
With every Chemo I get a little white ridge in my fingernails. So currently I have a pretty good ripple effect going on. I can see 4 ridges, and I assume that I will have the ridge for my 5th treatment within a week or 2, then for a little while after my final treatment I will have a full set of 6. Weird!

I will also got a picture of the FIRST bruise caused by the IV. I expected A LOT of bruises when this started, since I have been bruising more easily, and often any needle poke would generally cause an extra "artwork" on my arms. My regular Chemo Nurse has been REALLY good and she has managed to get through 4 treatments without even a spot, then they called in a replacement from the other office... for treatment #5 and let me tell you we were not amused. She missed the vein and instead of pulling it out and trying again she did the ever so pleasant "dig around for it until you get it" maneuver. So... I now have a wonderful bruise to show the world. But, at least she did get it IN the vein so that it didn't burn off my arm.

We'll see how blissfully Chemo #6 goes and hope that my "Regular" is there waiting for me!


  1. Wow Mel...you consider the ridges a side effect??? Sounds like the ridges are a built-in counter mechanism; just in case you cannot remember which round of treatment you are in.

    Actually what they really must be ... is a subtle way to display your White Badge of Courage. Your positive and bright resilient attitude while facing adversity are amazing. Frankly, you are amazing!!!

  2. Yeah, a lot of digging went on with my IV attempts last week. I should have taken a pic of my other arm, it was way worse than the one I posted of my right hand.

  3. Those nails are cool! They're totally like tree rings. The body and medicine are so facsinating!