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This blog is created to give you a central location to answer any questions you have about my current and upcoming treatments and reactions. It is also created to help me make Lemonade out of the Lemons I have been given, so I will keep this as positive as I can.

Monday, February 28, 2011

Komen Race For The Cure

If you are on Facebook, this may be "old news", but I have to share with everyone. :)

I have registered for the 2011 Race for the Cure at the Gateway Mall on May 7th. I have opened up a Team for Fundraising so we can all bring in a little, but together it will look like a lot! If you are local feel free to join my team here Team Nuke-M-Boobies You can join me at the Race, either walking or Running, or you can join my team and "Sleep In For The Cure" Meaning you do not need to actually come down, you will just help us in our fundraising and other support. I will likely be Walking as I will be going through Radiation at the time (making the Team Name even more relevant) and I am not sure how sore I will be at that point. BTW, there is a 5k or a 1 mile, so you can do as much or as little as you can. I don't want to kill anyone if you are not up for something too long. But I would Love to see as many of you as possible!
On the same link it will give you the option to donate as well if you don't want to join the team. For donations to count towards my team total they have to be submitted by 4/22, *BUT* That doesn't mean that you CAN'T donate after that date. MY goal is not for me to get the most donations within My group, even though that would be cool. Instead it is to keep building awareness and do my part to help fund additional research for earlier detection and better treatments and eventually A Cure!!
If you want more information about the the Event as a whole check out the main page here Race Info

I haven't decided what I want to do to help differentiate us as a team on race day. If I want to do a Special Shirt, or Hat, or Tutu Or what... If anyone has any suggestions please share! There are about 2 months before the race! This should give us plenty of time to get organised. If we can keep it Fun then I won't have to Cry! :) (though I make no promises that I won't)

In case you are wondering about the Team name... Here is my inspiration: T-shirt I figured I needed to change it up just enough so I wasn't going to get into any copyright issues. ;)

Love you all!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Out with the Old...

Well here it is. A day that I thought would take FOREVER to come. And it did take a long time. As of February 1st it was 126 days to be exact! It is the day that I could say, "I am done with Chemo!!!!!" I still have some side effects, but I No longer have to go back to my Oncologists office and sit there getting my veins filled with the Chemotherapy Drugs! That is a great feeling. After going through this for the last 18+ weeks I can honestly say I am TIRED! I have never had so many semi-regular naps and still been so extremely exhausted. With this it is really hindering my memory, schedules and so on.

I am 1 week away from the next step in the journey. Surgery! Hooray! OK, not really, but I am excited to get it over with because it is one more thing that I will never have to do again. As, I think, I have said before I have opted for a Double Mastectomy. So that is definitely not going to be happening again. I have been building up enough anxiety for this that I have brought back my usual insomnia. I just can't slow my brain down enough to get to sleep. It is not even the surgery that I am thinking about most of the time. It is the dishes, other housework, my girls health, shopping, cars, work, family, friends, books, TV shows, games, nothing and everything else in-between. But I plan on sleeping through as much of the pain/discomfort of the surgery, so that will help me catch up on any sleep that I am missing leading up to it. It will be an interesting time since I won't be able to lift any of my girls for at least 2 weeks and potentially longer depending on my healing. I am happy that I will have a lot of help around the house until I am ready to be "normal" again. (I can never claim to be completely normal, so I just call myself "normal" at best)

I had my follow up appointment with my Oncologist this week. I have found out a couple things. The first thing is that with the ridges on my fingernails comes the possibility that my nails could fall off. She said they look OK, right now, but it is not out of the question. I have been having temporary pain similar to how it feels a couple days after hitting your finger with a hammer. It is pretty tender. But at least it is not all day or every day. But other than that, a few residual effects from the Taxotere and my Menopausal side effects, AKA Hot Flashes, will be hanging out for a little bit, then I should be on the path to recovery on that stage. Then after surgery I will begin Radiation and Hormone Blocking therapy. I am not sure how I will react to that, so we will take it as it comes.

My hair is already starting to grow. I had to shave my legs. BOOOO!!! I have absolutely enjoyed having a vacation from that duty! It is a slow growth, and not a complete growth, but enough to be annoying at this point. With this new development I am faced with the decision as to how to handle the growth of hair on my head. I have had some sparse hair growth on my head throughout the process, and have been keeping it shaved down, once a week or less, and now I need to decide when to let it start growing in. Likely, I will not have the strength or possibly the ability to keep shaving on my own after my surgery, so that may force my decision a little, but I am not sure the amount of growth in the few weeks following will be significant enough to warrant anything too drastic, but we'll see I guess.

For now I am working hard to get my home and work in order enough that I can take a couple of weeks completely off and heal. Here's hoping that I can get it there. If you come in my house and think it should be Quarantined..... I didn't succeed. :)

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Embracing the Lemons!

It is not only me embracing the Lemons! I have recently gotten a couple gifts recently that made me smile and helped to remind me to continue to make Lemonade!
The first was from my Mom. She found this cute Towel, I don't think I could make this recipe exactly since I don't have a Well, but I think I could make do. :)
Then I got this cute package from my friend in New Jersey. It is so awesome! This definitely Made me Laugh Out Loud! Which I definitely needed after a day of sick kiddos.

I can't say how Thankful I am to be surrounded with Caring Wonderful people around me (and even in far distances) Every Prayer is felt and Every thought is appreciated!