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Saturday, August 6, 2011

What I am looking forward to...

I am day-dreaming today. I have been kinda grumpy the last few days so I am trying to make this a good post that will help me feel better.
This past Wednesday I was wishing to have my drain tube removed from my tummy because not only is it annoying, but it actually is a little bit painful to have a constant open wound. But no matter how much I begged my Doc to take it out it was still draining too much for him to remove it. So I came home grumpy and sad that I would still have to have this dumb thing with me for a little longer. On the bright side he did tell me that no matter what he would remove it on my next visit and told me to schedule it on Monday so that it wasn't a full week that I would have to wait. So there is a True light at the end of the tunnel. It WILL be gone by Monday. Well Thursday my sweet Emma climbed up on the couch next to me and leaned on my drain tube. It actually pulled it out quite far and made it quite painful and interfered with the draining. I called my doc and he told me how to restart the draining and said that if it didn't drain any more then he would remove it on Friday... well I restarted it... and it actually started draining OK... then it quit again. I headed over to his office so he could remove it, and I just missed him (He wasn't taking appointments, it was his paperwork day.) He had just left a little bit before I got there. I knew I should have called to be sure, but I figured if I just hurried over then it would be fine... *sigh* I was wrong. In a new development it now only keeps suction if I am sitting. So it isn't doing me any good. But I guess that just seals it's fate to get it out for sure on Monday.

This is what the drain looks like for anyone who hasn't seen one. Mine is slightly different, but pretty close.

I am finally able to stand up a little more straight, and I am certain that with the removal of my drain that this will improve even more quickly. And with that I will also be able to lean over better with less pain, so maybe I can even start thinking about doing the dishes. Or even... dun dun daaaa... Cooking. I will be excited when I can lift up my kiddos and hold them on my lap and not have to worry about them knocking something loose. Additionally I am hoping that I will heal soon so I can get to the Chiropractor. I have wanted to go since Moarch, but haven't had a good way or time to do it. Sooo... Hopefully I will be ready soon and get myself "back" to normal. (HA HA... Yes that was Punny to me!) And lastly, I will be glad to start wearing normal clothes again. No matter how much I love wearing PJ's all day, every day, it will be nice to wear real clothes to the store. While I felt right in place at Walmart, I got some funny looks at the Grocery store.

So, Normal life follows current life and I, for one, am completely ready and excited to see what normal will end up as in the near future.

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