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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Dual Milestones

Milestone #1:
Well here it is... It has been ONE year since I first started Chemo. It is hard to take myself back to that day... That may be because of the Chemo anyways. Chemo Brain Strikes Again! HA HA!
On that day I was able to prove to myself that I can get through Chemo. So really I can get through anything...
My hair is nearly back to the length that it was before Chemo, and I am getting closer to normal. I started on a new medicine for my Hot Flashes and it seems to be doing the trick! Yeah!! I am down to just 2-3 per day instead of the 8-10 that I was having. So I am VERY happy about that development!
Milestone #2:
3 months ago today I went in for my DIEP reconstruction surgery. It was a wonderful day! I was able to get rid of the uncomfortable expander's and I was able to have the Fat transferred from my Stomach into my breasts. (What woman hasn't dreamed about this procedure??) Since that day I have had to go in to my Doctors office weekly to get restitched. Well today we decided that the stitches are not going to work anymore. So, the new plan is that the doc is going to go in and "clean up" the fat and take out anything that is not perfect. This could be a little bit, or it could be a lot, he won't know for sure until he gets in there. In doing this he will be able to release the tension that is placed on my skin so that hopefully the stitches will stop pulling out every couple days. Unfortunately with the Radiation that I had my skin is no longer so elastic so each time that I needed to be restitched I increased the tension. This surgery sounds like it will be a perfect solution to this problem and get me to heal sooner than later. When my Doc told me that he wanted to have this surgery he gave me the option of waiting 2 weeks or just getting it over with tomorrow. I opted for the soonest possible simply because I am ready to move on the the next phase. Logistically this is not really the best time, but... I will make it work however I can.
While I am eager to have this done, I am never excited to have a Surgery. And I am just glad that I can do it. At least it is Outpatient and I may be fine in the afternoon. :) I am hoping that I am going to fly through this quickly and easily.

I appreciate everyone's thoughts and Prayers. I guess I will try to get some sleep before I go in first thing in the morning.

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  1. BIG hugs Mel! Thinking of you and praying for you!