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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Fight Like a Girl!

Taking a quick break from the "One Year Ago Today" posts to talk about just today. Just cuz I like to live in the moment like that. HAHA! 
Today is October 1st, and the start of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. It was last year that I struggled with "Pink People" and embracing the fact that I had "Joined a Club" that I would have never in a million years signed up for on my own. Instead I was forced into it. Now; One year later, I have made some great friends. (some of whom I have only met face to face a couple of times, Some I have never met, but still have an everlasting connection to them) They are my Sisters in the Fight. They have been through what I have been through and it is a Wonderful thing to have such a support system when I have a question, and I love to be at a stage in my fight that I am able to answer questions for others who are just getting started in their journey. Today I met with a Great group of ladies at the Susan G Komen Survivor Luncheon. We were able to celebrate the successes from the Race For The Cure, as well as celebrate our ability to Fight Like A Girl!
When I was starting my Chemo, I was on Chemo #2 I believe, I sat in the room with this quiet little 16 year old girl. I was struck with the way that she carried herself. And now just under a year later she was speaking at a Survivor Luncheon! That is incredible. The Breast Cancer Community is so strong! It is a group that will not only keep you standing, but Lift you up to be Higher than you ever dreamed you could be. There is a Power in the numbers and these wonderful women who have paved the way before me help me to know that not only Can I do this, but I WILL do this.  This silly Cancer thing will not beat me. I was able to renew my fervor in the fight and get out of my funk a little.

Little did I know...This was not the end of the Pink Celebrations for the day. My Husband along with some of my dear Family and Friends put together a Surprise Party to help Celebrate my 1 Year Mark! My sister came and got me for dinner, (I had my first Mexican Pizza. Good stuff By the way) then we stopped at a couple stores, then headed home. I really had no idea that my Hubby was behind that. Or that she was being sneaky about anything. I was actually feeling all guilty about leaving Alex home again since I had already left him with the girls for a couple hours for the Luncheon. But I went ahead. When we came home I opened the door and the house was DARK. And all of a sudden the lights came on and the house shouted "Surprise!" And wow... Surprise is an understatement! When I left, the house was Quiet and calm and I was planning on it being the same once I got home...(besides a few crazy kids, of course) Boy was I wrong! Balloons, Buttons, Banners... Oh My! And Friends, Family and Food Filled my house! Wonderful! We spent the time Talking and Laughing... and yes of course there was some Crying. I guess It is only fitting that I would end up with Breast Cancer of all things since I am officially the Biggest "Boob" around. I get inspired, and I cry. I hear happy news, I Cry. I hear a Powerful song... Yup... I Cry! This is one reason I do not wear make-up often... I would just be reapplying it hourly... It isn't worth it. :) I guess it is all good when I am among friends right? But it was a Great time!

I know now that I can make it one more year... and one more after that, and one more after that... and on and on. Because Girls Fight to WIN, and I am definitely a Fighter, not a Quitter!

Go! Fight! Win!

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  1. I wish I could have been there to surprise you!! You were very much in my thoughts today, and not just from DCD business, lol. LOVE YOU!!!! You ROCK!!!!