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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

ONE YEAR AGO TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

One year??? Really??? One Year???? Last year after waiting nearly 4 days (since Thursday the 30th) for the results of my biopsy My OB/GYN, Dr Smith, said those magical words that changed my world forever. "It is Cancer." It is hard thing to hear those words, and was even harder when I could tell that he was basically choking as he said them. I have had a lot of Doctors interactions in the past year, but this is definitely one of the more memorable of them and it was the point in my life that I needed to come to grips with the fact that I am mortal. I am still working on accepting my mortality and I am not quite there, but this was my first step. I have said this to some people before, but I remember many times in my life hearing about other people getting diagnosed with Cancer of any kind and immediately I told myself every time, "I don't believe I could deal with that." Or "There is no way I could handle that if it happened to me." And in that moment I was forced to "deal with" it and find a way to "handle" it. This is no easy task, but with many Prayers and Blessings I was able to find a strength that I was certain that I didn't have before in order for me to get up and face each new day. Is it easy? Heck No!! Is it worth it??? Absolutely!!! Every day I look at my wonderful kiddos and see how much they need a mommy around for them and I know that I will go one more day and do one more thing.

And now, One Year later, I have had the "opportunity" to change jobs. And I now have a new schedule coming up that will allow me to be home with the kids all morning so that I can be most involved with Katelynn's new school schedule. I am getting some of my energy back and I am hoping that I will be OK'd to get into a more involved exercise program so I can take advantage of the gym facilities at my new job. I am hopeful that the addition of even more activity will give me even more energy to do even more with my family. This is my new focus for the next year is to get and keep myself healthy and involved with my family.

One Year Down... Soooo Many To Go! I am ready to get on with the rest of my life! Today is a New Day! And it feels Wonderful!!

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  1. I love you Mel! I always knew you could do it. I love that you get a new beginning with a new perspective :) This is for you: http://pinterest.com/pin/220547445/