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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Embracing the curls???

Well as my hair continues to grow back in the Curl is getting more and more uncontrolled. I have been fighting against the curl daily, and it has been an extreme annoyance. With this annoyance I had to change my mind around and decide what was important to stress about and what just doesn't matter. So with that I have decided that for the most part I will be embracing the curl instead of fighting against it. I am trying to figure out how to fix it. Bangs??? No bangs??? Headband??? No extras??? I dunno. So if you see me and my hair looks like I just rolled out of bed... I probably have tried for a while to make it look right and just decided it wasn't worth it.
There are days that I want to go back to being bald. It was so carefree and I had little to no maintenance. Put a little lotion on the scalp and I was set for the day. I am so jealous of Alex on a daily basis. He shaved his head when I lost mine during Chemo and he has kept it shaved short since then, so he has a trim once per week as his only maintenance and I now have to work on it a lot harder.
On the bright side, I was looking at the family pictures that we had taken just before I started Chemo and I am maybe an inch or less away from having my hair back to the length it was back then. So I can almost say that it is back to normal. Back then I could get it pretty straight without too much effort, but it was pretty thin. I have been taking a lot of extra vitamins to help get my hair back, and some days I wonder if I am making it harder for myself while doing it, but then I think about it and I realise that I am ready to get past this length of hair, so I will push it to make it through the too short but too long phase soon enough and I will have more options to play with.

A quick update the surgery front: I had my most recent surgery a month ago, and it is healing up much quicker. I still have my setbacks, but the left side is almost completely healed. I can't tell you how happy I am to be getting to the light at the end of the tunnel. I won't be completely done until into the new year, but at least that will give me a break for the holidays. That IS a great gift!

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