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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Sleeping, Healing and Racing

It has been a while since my last update so I guess I better update the Status Quo...

I have been thinking a lot about my sleep and how to get it while still having Hot Flashes... (Thank You Chemo and Tamoxifen!) Well, there have been some pretty interesting ideas that have flashed through my mind.

The Bed of nails... Perfect for keeping air flowing under me... preferably with a Fan blowing cool air through it. Not sure Alex would go for this one...

Also properly ventilated, so that the bed is not retaining any of my body heat during any given Hot Flash. Again, a Fan would be a Bonus!

The Bed of Ice! This would be awesome, but probably REALLY messy once it starts melting... so maybe not the most practical idea.
 What I have come up with as the most practical idea for me is to spend my evenings in the basement which currently is around 62-64 degrees.(I might have to come up with something else once summer is in full swing) I stay here until my fingers are so cold I can no longer "Facebook" and then I head upstairs to go to bed. But that is not all... I also stop by the Freezer and grab 2-6 Ice Packs. Depending on the severity of my hot flashes on the given night and then I arrange them so I have one for my head, one for my shoulders at minimum, but often including one for each side of me to cool my arms and ribs, then one under my knees and one at my feet or on my stomach... You would think that such an array of Ice Packs would make it impossible to sleep, but after I tried this once I have slept SOOOO much better! And I stay asleep longer. I will never go back... Until I stop having the hot flashes at least... HAHA!!
I went to my Oncologist this week and she actually said it looked like I was actually pretty far into Menopause, so it is likely that once I get through it, I won't have to do it again! This is fantastic news! I actually can't be happier about that. What it means to me is that if I can survive this stage, then I likely will not have to do it again later in my 40's-60's or whenever "normal" people have this hit. :) Although having learned a few tricks I am thinking that I might be a little better off than some other women who are starting "Cold" Turkey. (hmmm... maybe sleeping with a frozen Turkey??? No... never mind... that is probably a bad idea! ) Then again... maybe I just think I know stuff, and really I don't... this is entirely possible as well.

Now the Million Dollar Question... How am I healing??? It is actually doing better than in the past. I have my left side that is perfect... not any issues what-so-ever. All of my stitches have been removed and I have not needed anything else to help it along. This is wonderful!!! On my Right side (of course the Radiated/Cancer side) it is struggling more. HOWEVER. It is promising! In addition to my normal regimen of Neosporin, gauze and Aloe Lotion I have also added a Magnetic Pulser. Shown Below:
I had at one point had three small holes that needed to be stitched to avoid them turning into one really big hole, and at the same time I began using this pulser and within one week the stitches were able to be removed and I now only have ONE small wound that is not completely healed, but it is close. So... either I am just finally hitting a point that my system is able to heal... or this pulser is doing the trick to push me over the edge into that state of healing, but whatever it is I am grateful! I am loving the Healing that I am getting here. And can't wait until it is 100% Which should be soon if this is any indication. And since I cannot prove that it is NOT the Pulser, I am going to keep it up so that I can make sure I am giving my body every resource to heal that I can.

Lastly... I have signed up for the Race for the Cure again this year! I am excited, but since I have spent the last year in "healing" mode and not doing much in the way of activity I am just going to plan on the 1 mile walk. You can see my Komen Page HERE. I am excited to break out my "Nuke" hats again and feel the sisterhood of the cause. Feel free to join me either in person or in spirit. :) I will be scoping out a new meeting place since they have moved the starting line up near the SLC Library instead of the Energy Solutions Arena. It will be awesome because this year the girls are old enough that we are going to bring them too. It should be crazy, but I think they will love it! At least I hope so!

Well, I am officially REALLY COLD for the moment so I better take advantage of the moment to go and try to get some sleep.

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