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This blog is created to give you a central location to answer any questions you have about my current and upcoming treatments and reactions. It is also created to help me make Lemonade out of the Lemons I have been given, so I will keep this as positive as I can.

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Worth a try...

Well, we are trying something new this week. Since my DIEP surgery nearly 1 year ago I have never been able to heal completely. I have had a few weeks here and there that it looked like it was going to happen only to have my skin split open once again... Well, we decided this week that we need to take out any "foreign body" in my right side in order to give me the best chance of healing then once it is healed up we are going to just let it be healed for at least 6 weeks... Hopefully this will help my skin get a little bit more normal. Once I don't have a continuous open wound I will be able to have more freedom to for topical skin treatments (vit E, aloe, etc) that will help it to heal as well. I Can't Wait!! As I told my Doc today... It is not painful mostly since the Mastectomy basically killed all of my nerves that would have any pain, so I guess I am lucky that way. The only pain I have is when I get hit or kicked by a child or when I get a blister because of the tape or band aid that I have to use. And those are generally pretty short lived, so I really can't complain too much since it is just a nuisance more than anything else. I know others have had much worse situations than this. So I can handle it.

So what did we do today? I went in this morning to have my Expander removed. This was a STRANGE thing for me, to say the least. I have gotten used to the process of getting stitches and even having small amounts of cutting and Surgeries while I am awake, to a certain extent, but this was a really weird feeling. He only had to cut the hole, that was already there, just a little bit bigger in order to get it out. He grabbed a hold of it with a set of medical pliers to Yank it out. Bear in mind that this expander is roughly 4 by 6 inches oval, and he only had an opening that is about 2 inches.... So... It was a little like Childbirth in my breast... Once removed, he wiped out all of the hole that was left to ensure that there wasn't any other tissue or fluid that could potentially cause any sort of infection. This feeling is not something I can describe at all, Only to say that it is Weird! Once this was done he cut out some of the scar tissue that had formed around the expander and then sewed me back up... Then the last Weirdness came when he used a needle to pull out any air that was left in the opening that was created with the void of the expander. That is pretty strange to say the least.

This is truthfully the first time since my Mastectomy in March 2011 that I really don't have any sort of breast. I am not sure how I feel about this yet... I have so much Gauze on right now that I haven't actually seen it yet, so I can't say if this will bother me... Or not... It is something that has been in the back of my mind since this morning, but with the massive bandaging that the Dr put on I didn't want to pull it before needed. He literally used most of a roll of tape to secure the 10-15+ Gauze pads... Thankfully he told me that I don't need to do this after today.  That could be ugly if that was the case. Additionally, I do not have any lifting restrictions or anything, unlike the ones I have had previously. So, I can still take care of my kiddo's normally. That is Awesome! Especially now that it is summer time!

Looking forward to some time off from Stitches and "active" healing!


  1. Best of luck to you. My prayers are with you that it fully heals!

  2. Good! Have a nice vacation! And we don't care if you're a little lopsided :)

  3. Thanks for sharing your journey. I hope all goes much better this time.