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This blog is created to give you a central location to answer any questions you have about my current and upcoming treatments and reactions. It is also created to help me make Lemonade out of the Lemons I have been given, so I will keep this as positive as I can.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Not a Hypochondriac, and Other Dr Stuff

So at my last Dr visit with my Oncologist. I rattled off all of the "weird" things I have noticed happening since my prior visit... Bruises that show up for no reason and are gone almost as quickly. Random pains and craziness in my head... I told him that I feel like I am a total Hypochondriac... Well... He reassured me that I am not... I am only Hyper-Sensitive. I am not sure if that is A lot better, but he did say that it is a good thing to a point. As long as it isn't stopping me from living my life. So far that isn't happening, but it is causing me to just constantly take pictures of weird things just in case it gets worse... My camera is getting full, so I need to knock it off. :) I will be trying harder.

It was nice to have them not stressing about my weight this time though. Last time I had gained 8 lbs in 3 months, so it was not the direction I needed to be... I dropped those 8 and then some by this appointment, I am as happy about that as they are, but I am hoping to drop that much again by my next appointment in January... That will be hard because the holidays are coming again... I am hoping I can keep some willpower to get where I want to be.

They took some blood to check my levels on everything. Especially my hormones. It is looking highly possible that I am on my way through Menopause, and that I may be done for good. I am hopeful for that to be the case. I want to be done. I am not sure how I would react if I came out of menopause to be "normal"again. I haven't had a period since November 2010 and I am not complaining there! I am OK with keeping it that way.

Let's see... last time I posted it was once again about stitches... Well, things are going the right direction. A couple weeks ago Dr R was worried that my stitches were creating additional holes and not holding well enough to keep them, so we took them out to give my skin a rest for a week. Over the next couple days those holes that were created by the stitches were completely healed.So that is a Great Thing! So this means that we will likely leave the stitch even if it is causing a small hole because it will likely heal faster than the original incision. So this past week He gave me a new set of internal stitches (tacked down to the healthy tissue under the skin around the expander) and a new set of external stitches, and Glue, and "steri-Strips" to keep it all together. It seems to be doing the trick. The incision is looking really pretty good so far, and it has been 4 days, it is usually day 3-4 that things start going sour. Also the new hole under my arm has nearly healed up as well, so that is a good thing as well... I am encouraged by these developments, but I am still not really sure if I expect to be done by the end of the year, but if things heal up soon enough we could be pretty close.

What am I doing to keep things that way? I am using Baby Oil, with Vitamin E and Aloe, to help keep the skin around the stitches healthy. I am alternating with Neosporin and straight Vitamin E oil on the wound and cleaning it with Hydrogen Peroxide to keep it clear of any infections. So far that is working, I haven't been on any Antibiotics since my last surgery, and that was just precautionary!

Taking less pills on a daily basis is definitely a good thing for me. I am still on the Tamoxifan, and Aspirin (since Tamoxifan causes blood clots) and 2 pills for the hot flashes caused by the Tamoxifan as well, then I am on Vitamin D to keep me on a high level there since Chemo was apparently still effecting that. If I could get rid of the Tamoxifan I would be rid of the other three pills too, that would be so nice.

I am coming up on 2 years from my Diagnosis date. I really thought I would be done and feeling like I was at least getting back to normal by now, but honestly this has become a new normal and I am learning to just roll with the punches. Besides I have no real reason to complain since I have the "Curable Cancer"... there are so many others who get a more bleak diagnosis. Things can always be worse that what I am having to deal with. It is just a time for me to learn to find those silver linings on each of the storm clouds. And focus my efforts there instead of on the storm.