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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Still Waiting... But Progressing...

Well it is nearing the end of another week. It was a short week as far as Radiation is concerned since I got Memorial Day off. I just have 3 more radiation treatments scheduled. I will go Friday, Monday and Tuesday. Radiation is a weird thing for me. It takes about 45 minutes to get there and 45 minutes to get home...and about 10 minutes for the entire process there. So if they would just invent the beaming machine from Star Trek already it would save me so much time. If it wasn't for the travel I could just zap over and back before the girls even knew I was gone. But alas this isn't available so I have been lucky enough to have wonderful people who help out. I seriously can't thank you guys enough who have stepped in to play with my girls while I take care of this fun little chore. They are always so excited to play with friends and they love you guys. So Thank You a MILLION Times!!

Yesterday I met with a Pulmonary Specialist. We discussed the options we have to get the biopsy results that we need. The original biopsy was a needle biopsy through my back. This was apparently not the right option as we believe that it didn't reach the mass that we needed to reach. So the two options we have now are to go through the bronchial tube and if the mass is broken through the wall of the "pipe" then he can take the biopsy from the part that has come through... However, if the mass has not gone through it then they will have to then do a turn in the pipe and go out into the lung opening and reach  (watching through Ultrasound) to get the biopsy. The doc is reviewing my x-ray and CT Scans  tonight to determine what we need to do. If it is the first option we will get the procedure scheduled right away, if it is the second option I will have to go to an additional Pulmonary Specialist up at the U. So here we are... Hurry Up and Wait!

I feel like I should be functioning better than I am. I usually do ok while I am running around town, but once I get home and stop I am pretty much done for the day. I have dropped a dose of Steroid so that is dropping my energy level. it does help me to not feel like my head is going to swell to the point of explosion, and it has decreased my hot flashes, but it has increased my need for Percocet. So I guess it is just one of those things that I have to decide what is better... Which side effects do I prefer??? I would love to have NO side effects.... but I guess at this point that is not in my options.

I am grateful that my work is working with me. I feel bad that I have been missing as much work as I have been recently, but at least they are holding my place and letting me get to where I can feel ok when I work. I was thinking since it is just sitting I should be able to do some more, but it takes a lot of energy to do what I do. I love my job, but it is REALLY hard to be super high energy when you just want to sleep. LOL I am so blessed to have help in places I need it. It is like jobs for Alex and Myself happened at the right time and place to make things easy in this situation. It is awesome to know that I am being looked out for by my Father in Heaven! He knows what I need and provides! Sometimes directly and sometimes through those around me.

While looking at some of my images from my PET Scan I found this one... Not fully related, but it made me smile... :) Enjoy!

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