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This blog is created to give you a central location to answer any questions you have about my current and upcoming treatments and reactions. It is also created to help me make Lemonade out of the Lemons I have been given, so I will keep this as positive as I can.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Good days!

Today I was able to go in to the doc to find out my new plan... So I am now singing this song... Happy Lemons Yes I have young kids, so it is normal for kids songs to pop into my head first when doing most things... Some of you relate, Right??? Why am I singing such a catchy tune you may ask??? Well I found out A few things today. First; The Tumor in my Femur bone is not putting a hole in it and therefore not putting me in immediate danger of it breaking... So that means I do not need to do Radiation treatments at the moment. Score One for me! Next; Yes, I am officially Post Menopausal, so that means that I have the option of an Aromatise Inhibitor. That is a pill that will stop my system from trying to make more Estrogen elsewhere not just my Ovaries and feeding my cancer. So in doing this, we can avoid additional Chemo for the time being, and just starve my cancer to death. What Does this mean? It means I can feel more like a "normal person" soon. As soon as the residual junk gets out then I should be mostly back to where I was before my new Diagnosis. This new treatment is not without it's side effects of course, I will have to deal with the chance of increased "achiness" as well as an increased risk of Osteoporosis and it may also help bring on more Hot Flashes... I already know how to deal with the Hot Flashes at this point, so I think it is a better option that putting my body through additional craziness of Chemo at this point as she said I am not in any immediate life threatening danger. Score: Me 2 - Cancer 0! This is so nice that I would do the Happy Dance if I could move at this point... But unfortunately I got the great idea to try to stretch out my hip, and unfortunately instead of making it feel better and nice and stretched out, it made it hurt worse. I am sure it will go away eventually, but no dancing the Dance of Joy for me at the moment... You will have to settle for this: Dance Of Joy I will be set up for some Physical Therapy to see if I can get my back to move, and my hips to move, and my Shoulders to move... Until then we will settle for the Steady increase in my mobility and decreased Fat face, and my additional strength in my legs as the steroid drains from my system. Keep the Prayers coming. I know they are the reason I am getting a break right now.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

The Good, The Bad, and The Future

It has been a while since I have updated. We have been just doing the usual, so there hasn't been anything of real consequence to report. We went through a total of three 21 day cycles of Chemo capped off with a PET scan to compare to the original one that we had before everything started. WE wanted to make sure everything we have done has done what it is supposed to do... In the mean time I also went to Huntsman to get a second opinion to see if we were on the right track. In that consult she only mentioned minor changes but I liked how she used the resources of Huntsman to review her answers. So I made the decision to change to a new Doctor to get the full options available. I decided to wait until I had finished this cycle and gotten the PET scan before moving so we would know all of the information up front. Last Wednesday I had the scan it was uneventful during the scan. I am not a super patient person so I called on Friday to get the disk so I could at least look at the images of it in comparison with the one in May. When I reviewed it to my untrained eye it looked like there was nothing in my spine and it looked like the spot in my Lung was smaller. There were a couple troubling spots, to me, but I have no training in reading PET scans so I did not trust that judgment there, but decided to trust the person trained to read them. Today I met With Dr Legant at Huntsman she contacted the Radiation department where my PET scan was taken and requested the results. (Another thing I like about working with her, if the results haven’t been received by the time we are talking she will have her staff drive the other office crazy until we get the result. My prior Doc would often just wait and be at the mercy of whoever we are waiting for... I like to have someone totally on my side.) So the results were interesting... I was right in my assessment to a point... My back tumors are "undetectable", my tumor in my Lung is "considerably smaller" So that is Great News!

Unfortunately, there was more news than that. I had some growth in the spot on the Lymph node under my arm, but the doc said that could be in part from the work it is doing trying to heal my recent surgery. There was a "hot spot" on my Adrenal gland. In some research after my appointment I am wondering if this is caused by the Cushing's Syndrome since it is the Adrenal Gland (with the help of my favorite steroid) that is "causing" the Syndrome in the first place, so I don't know if it caused a tumor, or if it just has extra activity that is showing up on the PET. Which came first? The Chicken? or the Egg? She is not as concerned about that one as she is about the next spot. So we will just keep watching for that one. The other concerning spot... My Femur. It is right at the joint at my hip on my right side. This is very concerning since it is a Weight Bearing Bone/joint, so we don't want it to cause a Fracture as that is NEVER a good thing. So we needed to get an X-Ray to determine if it was hollowing out the bone or if it was just growing on it. Thankfully we were able to go right over to the Radiology and get the X-ray right after my appointment. I won't have the results of that scan until my next appointment next Tuesday. Once we get that we will either start Radiation on my femur or I will start right on to a new Chemo and/or Hormone Therapy. Now I need to call and cancel my Mail Order Chemo that it on it's way...

So all in all, there are good things and the things that are not ideal it is good that we know it is going on so we can hurry and make the changes that we need in order to kick this cancer crap in the Butt.

More research... More planning... and we will keep on trucking...