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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Healing Wounds for Sensitive and Difficult Skin

For those of you who have been following me for any amount of time you know that there have been PLENTY of setbacks with the healing from my Reconstruction efforts. Well I believe I have found the process that may have just put an end to all of my struggles. It has been about 2 1/2 years of continuous stitches, bandages and skin issues. As of today my reconstruction site is healed over with my own fresh skin! No Stitches! No Scabs! No Bleeding! No Draining! This is definitely something that I am extremely grateful for at this point! Now the miracle of it all... It was healed within 18 days! How did I do it??? I will tell you! :) It wasn't simple, but it WAS simple... Here is the Process I followed:
I found that if I used the same cleaning method every day that my skin would be irritated by the cleaning solution that was being used, so I alternated my cleaning solution to keep that from happening in this time.While it was still fresh and sore I would spray the area with Bactine. This not only gave an initial cleaning but it also had a numbing agent in it so that the rest of the process didn't hurt. Next I would alternate days using either Hydrogen Peroxide and Rubbing Alcohol. Once cleaned with that harsh cleaner I would clean it with a mixture of Betadine and ASEA (Cell repair in a Sodium Chloride solution) after letting this sit for a little while I would rinse it off with plain water then allow it to dry. Once dry I would apply 1 drop of Purify Blend by doTerra, and then allow it to dry again.
On a small Gauze pad I would put 2-3 drops of each Lavender and Melaleuca oils as well as 4-6 drops of Fractionated Coconut Oil and rub all over the effected area. I realize that it does take more oil to use it on the gauze, since it soaks in, but I feel that there is less chance of germ transfer from your fingers or hand, and because of the quantity of oil I don't have to worry about it spilling out of my hand or whatever container I would mix it in. Once this is applied I allow it to dry for a while then I would apply 1 drop of Helichrysum with a Q-tip, I would allow this to dry then apply 1 drop of Frankincense with the other side of the Q-tip. Again I am sure a finger may be fine, but I am a little OCD with things like this.
Once everything is applied I would also apply an ointment to the area to keep it moisturized. I would alternate this as well. The Ointments that I used were Aquaphor, Tripple Antibiotic and a Bacitracin Zinc. I would apply a small amount of the ointment with one side of the Q-tip and then remove any excess ointment with the other site of the Q-tip. If it is too moist then it can Harbor germs and then you end up with infections, But if it is not poist enough then it can cause brittle skin that won't heal.
The area needs to be able to stay clean and yet be able to breathe a little as well. I Love to use a Non-Stick pad first. I have tried most every brand out there and my favorites are actually the Generics. Specifically The Kroger Brand for the Smaller wounds and the Target (up & up) Brand for the larger bandage. They wick away the excess moisture from the wound and won't snag on your wound. When it is bleeding, or draining a lot I use an attitional Gauze pad (any one will do here) to keep it from getting on my clothes.
There are TWO types of adhesives that I can use with my skin. The first is Paper tape. When I am using it as often as I am I use very little so that it doesn't cause additional irritation to my skin. The second is Tegaderm. This is the Transparent dressing that the hospitals use to cover your IV when you are in the hospital. The only place I have found that carries it is Walgreens. This is great for keeping moisture in AND out of the bandage.
I am Healed! Here is a Before, During and After pic as proof.:)
Day 1

Day 9

Day 18

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  1. Wow Melanie! That is awesome! I am impressed with how well that worked! I love ya lady!