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Monday, August 18, 2014

Another New Plan

Well, it has come down to it. The Adriamycin has stopped being 100% effective, it is stopping any new growth, but it is not getting it down lower any. My most recent Echocardiogram was clean. So that was good. It was a struggle to get the info that they wanted since my heart happens to be directly below my implant and you can't see through it with the Ultrasound. But, they got just enough from my breast bone to be worth it. :) My last PET Scan said that I have no new spots, and nothing is getting bigger, but the old spots are "hotter" -taking in more sugar, so it has the potential of growth from there. We made the decision that it is time to change things up. All things considered... it is a good result... Even if it means a change up in the Chemo. I just hope it is pretty nice to me.
This time we are going to to Paclitaxel most commonly known as Taxol. It is "cousin"ish to the Taxotere that I took way back at the beginning. Some might say that now I know how it will effect me... BUT it doesn't mean that at all since I was also taking Cytoxan with it and it is just a relative and you know how that goes, not everyone is exactly the same in your family. (No matter how many times you get called your siblings name) LOL
Most common Side Effects are nothing new to me:

Lower Immune
Feeling tired
Not hungry
Weight changes
Muscle/joint pain
Numbness in extremities, mostly fingers and toes
Mouth sores
Hair loss

And potentially more, but potentially less.

If it is similar to the first time I go onto any chemo I will usually be fine the first couple rounds before I really start feeling much of an effect, but it is hard to know if the buildup of another Chemo in my system will reduce that time or not.

I am still feeling pretty close to normal physically, I have had a little bit of pain sneak back into my hips and back, but I expect when the new chemo takes affect then it will go back down again. It has been 6 weeks since my last chemo after all. So I basically expect that some. It is not concerning to me. Over the past two weeks I did have some concerning fevers, but no one could find the reason why. They put me on some wide spectrum Antibiotics, and it seemed to catch it, and I am fine now. No Complaints here. Something about feeling better after not feeling great for so long makes your day just feel heavenly! I am loving it, even if I do have to have Chemo today. :)

School is in for my kiddos so that is also making life so much easier! Me and Dani (age 4) are spending our days doing craft projects and playing pretend. The sweetest was last week when I was dealing with my fever and I was trying to get the girls to take their showers and get ready for bed. I had taken some meds to drop my fever and it made me tired. So she noticed that I was sleepy. So she came up to me and grabbed my hand and said, "Mom, come with me." So I followed her and she took me into my bedroom, pulled back my covers, and told me to get some sleep.When Dani tells you what to do, it is best to do it. :) As she walked out the door she turned off the light and told her older sisters that she put me to bed and that they needed to just go and get their showers and get ready for bed. I rested there for about 25 minutes and then I got up and finished getting them to bed. and Dani looked at me sweetly and said, "You needed that, didn't you mom?" She was right! I needed that. I felt so much better after that. I have the best kids on the planet. Sorry about all of you other parents. I won the Jackpot! I am so happy that they are mine. I will only share in small amounts.

Well, That is all for the moment. Benadryl  I will try to update in a little while when I know what this one is doing to me. So far I am thinking happy thoughts and planing on it to be fabulous as usual!

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