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Thursday, October 2, 2014

Chemo With my Guest Blogger

I want to introduce my Guest Blogger! His Name Is Flat Stanley! He came to me from Matthew in Colorado! And today he came with me to my Dr appointment and Chemo appointment. He also wanted to get a chance to write a blog with me. So now I am going to turn the computer over to Stanley... (OK, I may help him with some of the typing, but he is in charge.) :)

Hi I Am Flat Stanley and I get to do so many cool things because I can be mailed all over the place! This way I get to visit all sorts of people. Since I have been at this new house, I have met 8 year old Katelynn, 6 year old Emma, 4 year old Dani,the Mom Melanie, and the Dad Alex. It has been fun to play with them! It is great that kids are the same no matter where I go, even in Utah! 

Today was so different! I got up early and helped get the girls to school! They take so much more time than boys do! But they sure have a lot of fun! Then after we got done with that I went with the Mom, Melanie to her Doctors office. This was a big day for her because she was meeting a new Doctor and it was a day to possibly talk about new options. She learned a lot of good information there were a lot of words that she had to explain to me. Like Chemotherapy! I found out that this is a super Medicine that goes into her body to kill the Cancer that is trying to hurt her. Thank goodness for Doctors and Chemotherapy's to help her fight this Cancer, it has Kept the Cancer from hurting her too much for FOUR YEARS!!! That is AWESOME!!! And there is no sign of that changing. The Doctor pointed out sooooo many different treatments and the plan that they started today may actually make her so she doesn't have to come in for Chemo (that is what they call Chemotherapy when they don't want to say the whole word) through the Holidays. It will be a New Hormone treatment if they can decide that it would work first. So until now she was having the Chemo once every 3 weeks, now she will be getting it every week It will be a 1 hour treatment instead of a three hour one. This is nice for her since the side effects will be even less than she has had with the previous dose. So it should really make Quality of life even better!! Melanie was really happy to hear about that! The other thing the Doctor did was give her a couple more options to help her not hurt  much anymore. She has been trying them out tonight and they have been working great! So She is even happier. The next part was Really Interesting!! I got to go to Infusion!!! This is a Place that Kids under 12 are not aloud (unless they are also having Chemo, there weren't any of them there today, but Melanie told me that there have been some sometimes in her other office) But they let me come in and check it out so I could write about it! They are super nice there. They showed me everything so I knew what was going on. Melanie has a Port where the Infusion Nurses can give Melanie the medicine. This is what it looks like!

 Then they hook the tubes up to a machine. Melanie told me that she calls it Carrie So that she can be a friend when she comes for her Chemo. That is Cool!! This is Carrie! I good to Dance with her. I guess Melanie does that too sometimes! Carrie is Nice! Even though she makes LOUD BEEPS sometimes if there are bubbles in the tubes, or if Melanie runs out of the medicine that Carrie is giving her. That makes sure the nurse knows that she needs some help.
Robin was the assistant up front who sets up Melanie's appointments. She thought I looked great! She LOVED my Uniform! She came back to talk to me a few times about my trip and how great it was that I could come visit. I agree! I think this will be a great trip! I hope that I will keep having so much fun everywhere I go!

It is fun learning about the stuff in the Doctors offices. And it is fun to write about it too! I am excited for my next adventure!
-Flat Stanley

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  1. Flat Stanley sounds like a really nice guy! Bet he was fun to hang with. Will he stay with you long or is he moving on?